Saturday, 8 August 2015 [login/signin/signup] Create Facebook Account Today Facebook needs no introduction. As it is so popular that till March 2015 a total of 1.44 billion users were registered on Facebook. Facebook was launched on February 04, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends or team members.
If you want to join one of the most popular social networking website then just sign up on Facebook or follow the simple instructions given below:

Tutorial :- Xender Download - How to create Facebook Account

  • Go to the
  • On the page, you will see the “Signup” form with some basic details. 
  • Enter your “first name” 
  • Enter your “Last name” 
  • Now enter either your “e-mail address” or “Mobile number”. 
  • Re-enter your “e-mail address” or “mobile number”. 
  • Now choose and enter a password for your Facebook account. 
  • Give details of your date of birth and fill the “month”, “day” and “year” of your birth.
  • Select and click on your “Gender” whether Male or Female.
  • Now click on “Sign Up” Button. 
  • Now a new screen will appear that will ask for the code sent to the entered mobile number. 
  • Enter the code that you receive on your mobile number provided and click on “Next” button.
  • Now a new dialogue box will open having the message, “you have successfully confirmed your account with your phone number +91-XXXXXXXXXX. You will use this phone number to login”. signup
  • Now skip the “Add friends” options displayed on the screen. 
  • You can either add friends from your yahoo mail or other emails or also skip this part. 
  • Now select any profile picture for your account and click on “Next”.
  • Edit your “Work and education Details”. 
  • Edit your “Contact and Basic Info” 
  • Enter your “family and relationship” details. 
  • Edit some “Details About You”. 
  • Add some “Life Events” to your profile. 
  • Now you can change and select the security settings for your Facebook Account. 
  • Congratulations! Your Facebook account is ready to login and enjoy. login- Facebook Login

Once the user has signed up on Facebook, the user can have access to his her Facebook account from any of the devices having internet accessibility like mobile, PC and etc. Way to login on Facebook for the new Facebook registered users is being described as below: 
  • Go to 
  • Now click in the box mentioned as “Email or Phone” and enter either your mobile number or email address. 
fb login
  • Now Click in the next box mentioned as “Password” and enter your Facebook account password chosen by you.
  • Now Click on “Log In”. 
  • Enjoy surfing on your Facebook account! Enjoy chat, group chat, sharing images, views, status and many more things with your Facebook account. 
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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Xender Download For Android,Iphone & PC

Xender Download: Xender is one of the best file sharing application available over the Internet. This application tool that enables file transfer between Android to Android, Android to Computer or another device. Xender file sharing application is very fast than the previous sharing applications such as Bluetooth.
Instead of using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Xender uses NFC protocol for all other devices which involved the transfer of file or data in the faster rate than other application. Due to its efficient work, it is treated as the best sharing application in all the Smartphone and in many more devices.

Xender Download Guide [2015]

Xender Download

Xender Download Features

Xender works only to nearby device, with this you can easily send, receive data from your device to another device easily. Xender supports many of the platforms such as iOS, android, Windows Phone and PC and many more, it is an awesome application which will solve all your worries. 
  • Great user interface and Graphics.
  • Faster sharing application.
  • Easily available on Internet and Google Play Store.
Xender Features
  • Works on different Platforms.
  • Less error prone.
File transfer plays a key role in a smartphone devices, you can easily share your data without the internet. Bluetooth has long been used to transfer data like music, photos and other files between Smart devices, but it take much time to do the particular task.

Step By Step Guide To Download Xender

Before starting the installation, you should make sure the following requirements will be fulfilled by your PC:
  • Download Bluestacks
  • After downloading the BlueStacks, install it on your PC and then go with the instructions.
  • This software will easily work on both the platforms either in Windows and Mac computers.
  • Now after installation the icon will be created in your desktop window, now double click the icon and you will see the user interface window open which is same as the iOS/Android interface in front of you.
  • Open the installed BlueStacks Application Player to check out how to download the application for PC. 
Xender on bluestacks
  • Search for Xender application and install it.
Xender Working on bluestacks
  • Run and enjoy the application.
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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Attitude DP For Girls & Boys [Funny,Cool,Rocking,Attitude,Cute,Love] [Best Whatsapp DP]

Get More than 100+ attitude WhatsApp dp [Images] For Free Only on our website. our team created Specially For You.New & good WhatsApp dp we are updating this collection frequently. You don't have to crop any dp to set as profile picture we have already cropped for you.

Attitude DP For Girls & Boys

worth waiting dp

Give up Whatsapp DP

Its Attitude

Beauty Whatsapp DP

Character Whatsapp DP

Best Whatsapp DP [Funny,Cool,Rocking,Attitude,Cute,Love]

Positive Whatsapp DP

Patience Whatsapp DP

Bad Attitude Whatsapp DP

Mood Whatsapp DP

Attitude Whatsapp DP

Respect Whatsapp DP

Belive Whatsapp DP

Happy Whatsapp DP

Gentle Whatsapp DP

Confused Whatsapp DP

Smile Whatsapp DP

Success Whatsapp DP

Emotions Cloud

cute dp for whatsapp Negative and forceful Anger Annoyance Contempt Disgust Irritation Negative and not in control Anxiety Embarrassment Fear Helplessness Powerlessness Worry Negative thoughts Doubt Envy Frustration Guilt Shame Negative and passive Boredom Despair Disappointment Hurt Sadness Agitation Stress Shock Tension Positive and lively Amusement Delight Elation Excitement Happiness Joy Pleasure Caring Affection Empathy Friendliness Love Positive thoughts Courage Hope Pride Satisfaction Trust Quiet positive Calmness Contentment Relaxation Relief Serenity Reactive Interest Politeness Surprise whatsapp dp quotes whatsapp dp for exams  whatsapp dp images group dp for whatsapp

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Download BBM For PC/Laptop For Free [Windows 7/8/8.1]

Blackberry is amongst one of the popular electronics gadget manufacturing company. Blackberry is popularly known for its mobile phones and OS (operating system) and various blackberry apps enabled in the Blackberry mobiles. Amongst all of the various Blackberry apps BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is the most popular. Initially BBM was available only for the Blackberry mobiles only but due to the popularity of the BBM (BlackBerry messenger) the BBM app was made available to all the android users and all the smartphone users as well.The advantage of BBM app is that other than blackberry mobile OS BBM supports all the platforms like iOS, android, java and bada OS also.

Download BBM For PC

BBM Features 

  • Sharing of unlimited text messages of unlimited length without any restriction.
  • Allows audio and video calls.
  • Allows to send single message to multiple persons at once. 
  • Allows to share videos of max. size 16 MB.
  • Displays Real time confirmations of messages delivered, read and being written
  • Supports all platforms i.e. android, java, Bada OS , Symbiam and iOS and MAC as well.
  • Facility to exchange text just like whatsapp.
  • Group Chat 
  • Voice calls 
  • Can run on PC/laptop

How to Download BBM For PC or Laptop

BBM can also be easily installed on PC’s and Laptop’s however there is no direct way to install BBM in PC or laptop but through an android emulator it is possible. The most popular and preferable android for this purpose is Bluestacks.

  • First download and install any android emulator or Bluestacks Android emulator for PC or Laptop
  • Now run Bluestacks and search for Blackberry Messenger (BBM) in Google play store.
  • Amongst the searches click the BBM app 
  • Tap on “download”
  • BBM Downloading will start 
  • Now BBM will be installed automatically after downloading in Bluestacks library.
  • Enjoy BBM on your PC or laptop. 

BBM is so much popular that it was launched for android on September 21st, 2013 and on the same day this app was downloaded by the 10 million android users and on the next day BBM was launched for iOS (iPhone Operating System).  BBM is also available on Google play store for android mobile users to download it directly.

Blackberry operates on blackberry OS 5 or later, Blackberry Tablet OS 1 or later, iOS 6 or later, android 2.3 only and 4.0 or later, windows phone 8.0 or later. Many versions of the BBM have been released till now. Some of them are (BlackBerry 10) on Oct 31st, 2014, (BlackBerry) on August 03rd, 2014, (Android) on Nov 10th, 2014, (iOS) Oct 31st, 2014.   

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Free Hotstar App Download For PC On Windows 7/8/XP [Live App APK]

Here's the popular guide to Download Hotstar APP for PC. guys running android apps on PC is not so difficult nowadays over the internet some apps emulator can emulate app. one of the best emulators is bluestacks app player it works smoothly.Bluestacks is Free to use but there is a premium subscription too but you can use the free version but in a week you need to install 2 sponsored apps. so let's come to the point I am going to share how to download hotstar for PC check step by step guide

Hotstar For PC

Download Hotstar For PC 

  • First Of all you need to download app emulator I suggest you to go with bluestacks app player 
  • After Downloading Simply Install It 
  • Now you have installed the app emulator [Bluestacks]
  • Open it & Find Playstore Now Search " Hotstar "
  • Click On the first official app 
  • install it 
  • Done !!!!

If you are getting any error in installing the hotstar app on your PC the do let us. you inform your error by commenting your issue in comments sections I will be happier to help you I promise I will reply you as soon as possible Hit Bookmark

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Attitude Whatsapp Status in Hindi/English Font For Boys & Girls

15+ Killer attitude whatsapp status only on our new blog.  All New collection of attitude Whatsapp status & DP on Hindi/ English fonts Our team picked only new status this time.this superb articles going to help you to get fresh whatsapp status on killer attitude for boys & girls just scroll down

Read :- Xender Download

Attitude Whatsapp Status in Hindi/English

दुश्मन सामने आने से भी डरते थे...
ओर तू पगली दिल से खेल के
चली गयी क्या बात है ..

अपनी ‪#‎Profile_pic‬ पे इतना मत इतरा पगली,
जितने तेरे ‪#‎Followers‬ है उतने तो हमारे
‪#‎Anytime_Online‬ रहते हैँ...

#‎भाईगिरी‬ करनेका शोक नहीं वर्ना ‪#‎दाउद‬ भी अपने को ‪#‎सलाम‬ ठोकता. ��

��"ताजमहाल" तो हम आज भी बना सकते है... पर हम... जल्दी कंगाल हो जायेगेक्योकि.... हर गल्ली मे हमारी एकमुमताज रहती है...

लोग जिस काम से डरते है..वो तो हमारी आदते है..! 

में भी बदलूँगा वक़्त कि रफ्तार के साथ पर जब भी मिलूंगा अंदाज पुराना होगा…

गाँव में छोड़ आये जो हज़ार गज़
की बुजुर्गों कि हवेली वो शहर में सौ गज़ में रहने
को खुद की तरक्की कहते हैं!!!

बहुत देखा जीवन में समझदार बन कर,पर
ख़ुशी हमेशा पागल बनने पर ही मिली है...!!!

पत्थर को पिस कर कभी मैदा नहीं हुआ. . और
झुका दे, ऐसा कोई माई का लाल पैदा नहीं

पगली अपने पापा को बोल Fb खोल के देखे... उनके जमाईसा सुपर Star है सुपर Star..

सुलतान ' दुवांओ मे जीता था... इसलिए “
मर गया” ...♚ लेकिन ♚... # हम
लोगोंकी बददुवाओ में जीते हैं...
इसलिए आज तक “जिंदा है” ....$

‪#‎बदनाम‬ होने की ‪#‎चिंता‬ छोड़ दी मैंने...
अब जब ‪#‎गुनाह‬ होगा, तो ‪#‎मशहुर‬ भी तो होगे...!!!"

अपने बारे मे बता कर और मेरे बारे मे सुन कर तु कोई ‪#‎RACE‬ सुरु मत कर
कर्यु कि #RACE मे धोडे पर लगाम होती है
पर मे बेलगाम हू..............

अपनी ओकाद देखकर स्टाईल मारा कर पगली
जितना तेरे अकेली का वजन है उससे कई
ज्यादा तो मेरे बाप कि property के कागजो का ह

पगली ब्लाक कर के तो चली गई ,
पर आज भी मेरे पेज के स्टेटस पढ़ के ही सोती है.

शान्त बैठा हूँ ‪#‎बदनामी‬ के डर से जिस दिन मूड घूम गया ऊठा ले जाउंगा ‪#‎घर‬ से ...! 

वैसे दुश्मनी तो huM चिटी से भी नहीं करते..
लेकिन बीच में आया तो sheR को भी नहीं छोडते...!!

दोस्तों के लिये हम भरे मंडप स
‪#‎लडकी‬ तो क्या, .उसके ‪#‎बाप‬ को भी उठा लेते...
इसलिये ‪#‎दुश्मन‬ भी कहतेँ हैँ "काश हम भी इसके ‪#‎फ्रेंड‬ लिस्ट मे होते

कल उसका फोन आया ओर बहूत अकड के बोली "‪#‎BHOOL_JANAA_MUJE‬" मेने कहा... "‪#‎PAHLE_NAAM_TO_BATA‬"

‪#‎आँख‬ बंद करके चलाना ‪#‎खंजर‬ मुझ पे ,., कही ‪#‎मैं‬
‪#‎मुस्कुराया‬ तो ‪#‎तुम‬ पहले ‪#‎मर‬ जाओंगी ,.,!!

बैठ कर किनारे पर मेरा दीदार ना कर; मुझको समझना है तो समन्दर में उतर के देख

It takes nothing to join the crowd..
It takes everything to stand alone..

We cannot change our past. We can
not change the fact that people act in
a certain way. We can not change the
inevitable. The only thing we can do is
play on the one string we have, and
that is our attitude.

Attitude of a person is know n from his behavior....

I'm born to express! Not to impress!

You just knew my name, not my story! 

"Attitude is really a small thing but that’s makes me something like me" 

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.

I wait for som1 wid all my heart til I hav patience,
Once my patience ends dat som1 has 2 wait 4 me 4evr...

>Heaven don't need me..!!
>Hell can't afford me..!!

I may neVer be good eNuf for someoNe,
but i'm the best for those who desrVe me, & the truth is
Very few desrVe me....